Marriage Procedure

-Procedures to marry a Korean-

I’ll make it short here but more specific for each section in another post. Please note that this is for those who will register marriage at Korea first. For those who will marry in Malaysia first, I think only visa application part will be the same.

In general there are 3 main steps.

  1. Register marriage in Korea. It has to be at the district office (구청) where your other half is residing (address on their ID card 주민등록증).
  2. Register marriage for Malaysian side. This you can just do it at the Embassy of Malaysia in Korea. This is easier than registering it at JPN Malaysia. Less documentation.
  3. Fly home. Go to Embassy of the Republic of Korea to proceed with visa once marriage registration is done for both side.

Looks simple right? Wait till you start with documentation. Cry 😥


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