Marriage Procedure

-Register marriage in Korea-

Before you proceed to the district office (구청), you’ll have to proof that you are single and eligible to marry. Get the Certificate of Marriage Status (Sijil Status Perkahwinan) from JPN Putrajaya. You will just need your mykad and you other half’s passport details.

  • Just head to JPN Putrajaya, proceed Marriage and Divorce Section (Perkahwinan dan Perceraian) go to ‘pertanyaan dan no. giliran’ counter, give them your mykad and tell them that you are marrying oversea and want a form to verify marriage status.
  • Then fill in the form and proceed to Commissioner of Oath (Pesuruhjaya Sumpah) on Ground Floor. Go to the counter, get a number and wait till your number is called. You have to pay RM4.00 for this.


  1. Check if there are many people waiting before heading upstairs to get your form. If the waiting area is almost full, get your number first to avoid a long wait (I wasted 30 minutes waiting here). If not, head upstairs to get your form first.
  2. Be early. A girl told me she came the day before at 11.30am but Commissioner of Oath was not giving out number anymore as many people were waiting and they work till 1pm only. If this happens to you, you’ll have to head to the court for this service or come back another day.
  3. Keep a copy of your fiance’s passport (printed or in your mobile)
  • Head upstairs again to get your number and wait to be called. Hand in your forms and mykad. They will then print out your details and asked to be checked before proceeding with your cert. RM5.00 for this.
  • Have a sit and wait for  your name to be called. Collect your cert and mykad.
  • Head over to Consular Section, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Wisma Putra), get a number and have a sit. Once your number is called, pass them the cert you’ve just collected for endorsement.
  • Sit and wait again for your number to be called to collect your endorsed cert. Another RM10.00 here.

This whole process took me 1 hour 45minutes. Not too bad huh?

You’ll have to come back to Korea, go to the Embassy of Malaysia in Korea with your original cert + 1 copy for notarization (3 working days). 6,000won for this.

  • Application could only be done before 11.30am and collection is between 10am-11am.

제목 없음

Stamp no.1 bottom left is by JPN. Stamp no. 2 bottom right is by MOFA. Stamp no.3 top right is by Malaysian Embassy.


All good? Submit the cert, your passport, and your fiance’s documents to the district office.

Documents needed :

  • Marriage status certificate original and translated (you can translate this yourself)
  • your passport and fiance’s ID card
  • application form (get it at the district office)
  • copy of passport

Wait for a week.

Print your marriage cert at the district office or city hall :).

Now you are officially married in Korea.


17 thoughts on “-Register marriage in Korea-

  1. Hi!! Your post is Super useful!! I am getting married in Korea next month and I still don’t know the exact procedures. Can I ask if You did the registration of marriage in Malaysia after that? Do you need to sign the papers again in Malaysia? Or I can just bring the marriage cert to the Malaysia embassy in Korea to register?


    1. Hello i just brought my korean marriage cert to malaysian embassy here. Everything is written in my blog try reading again. U’ll need to get it translated and notarized 😊 congrats..


  2. Hello. I’m reading your post and get a little confuse regarding the procedure

    1st get the cert to prove that I’m single at jpn then endorsement at Mofa, fly back to Korea and get notarization at Malaysia embassy in Korea

    2nd register marriage at district office, and Malaysia embassy in Korea

    3rd apply for CGC
    Am I right?
    Please correct me if I’m wrong.. thank you! ^^


  3. Hi there! I was searching around the internet regarding the procedure of Malaysian marrying a Korean and have to say your blog is much more useful than the other government official website! Thanks for that first.

    By the way, my wife(Korean) and I (Malaysian) are planning to register our marriage in Korea. Just wondering, for the 3rd stamp from the Malaysia Embassy in Korea which you mentioned above, is it a compulsory thing?
    And, do I have to be physically visit the Malaysia Embassy in korea to obtain it? Currently I am working in Singapore while my wife is in Korea. Is it possible for her to go to Malaysia Embassy on behalf of me?


    1. Hye Ivan first of all congratulations. I think u can just send the cert to your wife and she can get it done. Maybe u can ask her to make a call to double confirm. U must be physically there to collect your malaysian marriage cert as far as i could remember. Others i am not too sure.


      1. Thanks for the reply.

        Just to confirm again, is the notarisation of Marital Status Letter at Malaysian Embassy in Korea a must in order to register our marriage in Korea? Is this a Malaysian government or Korean government requirement?


  4. My wife called the district office to check on this and it turns out that the notarisation from Malaysia Embassy in Seoul is not a must. The officer explained that so long the endorsement from ministry of foreign affairs is there and the translation from English to Korean is done properly, then it’s all good. xP


  5. Hi, I tried finding your contact details but I don’t see any. Anyway, I have a personal question that I would like to ask about the form. I found something on the internet which is the “Akuan Berkanun” & a letter for Pengesahan Taraf Perkahwinan in Microsoft Words format. I wanted to email you to see if it’s similar to the form you pick up at JPN Putrajaya. If yes I can just fill that up instead before heading to JPN.. ><


  6. Hello~ your blog is so useful as I’m looking around regarding Korean Malaysian marriage procedure. But I’m kinda confuse appreciate if you could help me to understand.
    Did you mean by after getting the single statement, fly back to Korea and headover to Malaysia embassy in Korea to get single statement notarization?


  7. What if I’m currently living in Korea, can I get Certificate of Marriage Status (Sijil Status Perkahwinan) and notarized from Malaysian Embassy in Seoul?


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