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Convert Malaysian Driving License to Korean Driving License

I’ve got my Korean Driving license and its valid for 10 years. Yay……

If you have an alien card (staying longer than 90 days) you may change your home country’s driving license to a Korean one.

First, approach Road Transport Department (JPJ) only at Putrajaya or main braches of every state. Ask them for a ‘confirmation of driving license particular’.

Second, bring the confirmation (original + 1 copy) to the Malaysian Embassy in Seoul to get it notarize (purple box). Also bring along your Malaysian Driving License (original + 1 copy), Mykad and 6,000won. It will take 4 working days.

Lastly, proceed to the nearest Korea Road Traffic Authority with the notarized confirmation, passport (a valid one woth your date of entry stamped), Malaysia driving license, Alien card, 2 photos, and 12,500won (5,000won for eye test and 7,500won for license application).
Check the link above to find one nearest to you.

The road department will keep your Malaysian Driving License for 3 years and discard if not claimed. The only way you can claim your license is by showing a proof of returning to home country (flight ticket). You may then keep it.


8 thoughts on “Convert Malaysian Driving License to Korean Driving License

  1. Hi, I came across to your post about changing Malaysia Driving License to Korea Driving License. I’ve some questions as follows;
    1. What is the ‘Certificate of the Facts Concerning the Entry & Exit’? It is enough if I just show them my passport with entry stamp and Alien Registration Card?
    2. Does it takes a long time for them to issue a Korea Driver License after eye test as well as the payment of 12,500 won?
    Thank you :)~


  2. Hii
    May I know how to get the confirmation of driving license from JPJ? Can I authorize someone to get it as I’m in Korea? Thank you


  3. Hii may I know which centre you converted your driver license? Were you asked for Certificate of Entry and Exit?
    I had to provide the certificate and when they checked it with my driver’s license renewal date (which was renewed by my family), they said I was in Korea at that time. So I have to provide proof of renewal?! Do you if this certificate is a new rule or it depends which centre we visit?? And now I’m left wondering how to ask JPJ for that kind of proof.


    1. Hye i did it at daejeon west district. You’ll need ‘confirmation of driving license particular’ from JPJ. Also your passport n driving license.

      Just tell jpj for oversea use. Converting license


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